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The Exchange

The Exchange is a new apartment building, located in Wheaton MD, on Georgia Ave. ASSI Fabricators LLC was tasked with fabricating the Reception Desk, lit LED television wall panels, a serpentine computer desk for the residents and various tops for the 17th floor Party Room. That task started in May of 2013 with an initial walk through with ASSI production managers and the construction foreman dedicated to our assignments. After a brief walk through, targeting our first application, a game plan was presented.

The first phase was the field measure for the large serpentine resident computer desk. A digital measuring tool , Phototop, was used to capture the organic shape of the top. This allowed our experienced fabricators to thermoform the Corian into the perfect shapes .

The frame that would be the primary structure for the Reception Desk was delivered to ASSI, where the Corian that would cover the finished desk could be shaped, sanded and finished to customers specifications . That desk was delivered before concrete was poured at the first floor staircase.

After consultation with ILEX Woodworking and the buildings main designer a slight change was introduced for the lit LED TV panels. Clear acrylic sheets were suggested to achieve a shadow less look for the seam locations at each panel.

Later that year in December, ASSI templated the final phase, the 17th floor Party Room. A 17 foot straight sink top and central island fabricated from Avonite . Digital field measure was captured and constrution of those tops were completed and installed less than two weeks after measure.

Thanks to the designer and millwork shop, the work achieved at The Exchange is one of the most unique and progressive projects we have had the pleasure to be part of.

ASSI Serpentine Desk

17th Floor Party Room

(2) Sink tops (1) Island top
Avonite Algodon 102ft2
Party Room 17th flr

Exchange Party Room

Serpentine Residents Computer Desk
Thermoformed full apron front, hard seamed computer desk located in lobby area.
Corian Cameo White 374ft2

Serpentine Resident Computer Desk

Concierge Desk

Corian Glacier Ice 223ft2
Thermoformed integral apron with hard seamed side panels and integral elevated storage area.

Concierge Desk

Thermoformed LED Lit TV Wall Panels
Corian Glacier Ice 160ft2
Fabricated with clear acrylic battens.
Lights provided by others.