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ASSI Fabricators LLC, is proud to have been selected for the fabrication and installation of acrylic panels at multiple Pandora retail locations.

The project began in October 2013, when we were contacted by Dulles Town Center Pandora to review engineering drawings and receive instructions for delivery etiquette.

Phase 1 involved manual measurement of all noted exterior panels (without digital template tool) by a team of two men, who then sketched and labeled with corresponding panels marked for installation crew.

Phase 2 involved cutting the acrylic panels to size, according to exact field measure specifications . The cut panels were then labeled to match thephysical structure at each Pandora location for error-free installation.

Phase 3 involved the actual installation of the cut panels (less than 2 weeks after the initial consult). Acrylic panels, some longer than ten feet were than glued, trimmed, sanded and polished to meet the standards that Pandora has come to expect.

A few months after installation, ASSI Fabricators LLC revisited Pandora location to ensure that all panels had stretched correctly and to sand any areas where temperature change may have naturally changed initial installation standards.

Pandora Project

External acrylic panels were fabricated for the Dulles Town Center Storefront

Pandora Project

We have since fabricated and installed similar custom acrylic panels for multiple other Pandora locations