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American University North and Nebraska Halls

During the summer of 2013, American University decided to update its dormitories and ASSI Fabricators LLC was tasked to measure, deliver and install various countertops for both North and Nebraska Hall.

The first phase to get started was the template of over 74 vanity tops for Nebraska Hall. The vanity tops specified were Corian, Savannah with an 810 integrated sink with a integral front apron. The measure took over three days , for approximately eight hours a day. After engineering drawings were approved and fabrication of these tops was finished, the second phase commenced. Approximately 36 sheets of Savannah Corian were needed to fabricate 1″ thick window sills for all four floors. Over 50 sills per floor were measured one by one. Comparing dimensions with provided drawings, a list of 9 types of sill were identified. All window sills were installed by ASSI Fabricators LLC.

The next phase for Nebraska Hall was the field measure and documentation of delivery route for over 36 kitchens, (Corian Savannah) . Delivery and installation of each floors kitchen tops was staggered due to the need for new flooring on each floor. After the kitchen countertops, window sills, and hallway vanities were installed , final touches were completed and the University opened its news dorm that same month.

The next phase for ASSI Fabricators LLC was reviewing documentation for North Hall and scheduling field measure dates. This phase consisted of the measure, delivery and installation of new kitchen countertops, one for each floor, with eight total floors. A faculty kitchen and social lounge located on the lower levels. The tops are Zodiaq, Snow White with an Elkay, self rim ,stainless steel sink. Measure took a half a day with 235 ft2 of material needed. Because the new college semester was drawing nearer, speed, accuracy and logistic solutions to delivery were essential. Installation of tops began only seven days after field measure. Once the countertops were installed, measure and fabrication for new Reception desk began. The desk was also specified to be Zodiaq, Snow White and needed to be integrated with customer provided wooden section. Measure took two hours and less than a week later, installation took place, lasting around 4-1/2 hours. A week after the reception desk was completed ,American University had started its Fall semester and students were residing in North Hall. ASSI FAbricators LLC would like to thank all involved parties for assisting and including us in this project.

Zodiaq Cloud White Top with Wood insert

ASSI fabricated and installed several Zodiaq Cloud White Top with Wood insert Desktops

ASSI American University Countertops

as well as kitchen countertops